Transforming Power of Work

A Christian Witness Seminar
Saturday 21-Sunday 22, October 2017

This two-day residential seminar for women aims to inspire and give you encouragement to live the Catholic faith today.   

Fees:  €160; €140 (Before 1 September)   ---  Students:  €80; €60 (Before 1 September)

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Work is part of who we are. For as long as we are able, we want to be active, to be constructive.
For some, work means fulfillment and joy, for others drudgery.
Many experience the devastation of unemployment.

But what is at the heart of work that makes it so essential in our life?

According to Pope Benedict XVI, the key to understanding the full meaning of work is to be found in Christianity.  

And in the words of St Josemaría: 

God is calling you to serve him in and from the ordinary, secular, and civil activities of human life.  He waits for us every day, in the laboratory, in the operating theatre, in the army barracks, in the university chair, in the factory, in the workshop, in the fields, in the home, and in all the immense panorama of work (...) there is something holy, something divine hidden in the most ordinary situations, and it is up to each one of you to discover it. 

Passionately Loving The World no.114


What does the seminar consist of?


As well as stimulating talks you will have time to exchange ideas and experiences with other participants who, like you, want to integrate their faith into their professional, social and family lives.


During the seminar, there will be time to learn more about activities and projects in which members and cooperators of Opus Dei are involved.  These actitivities aim to serve society.  They find their inspiration in Christian values.


Seminar Outline


Saturday, 21st October


9.30      Registration


10.00    What Work Means   
             Prof. Brad S. Gregory


11.00    Q&A
             with Prof. Gregory


12.30    Mass


1.15      Dinner


3.00     Behavioural Agility: A Guide to improving working  relationships
            through the use of behaviour modification.
            Maita Crowe


4.30     Guided Prayer and  Benediction with the  Blessed Sacrament


6.15     Tea


7.15     My journey to the Catholic Faith
            personal testimony


9.00     Film: Q&A with St Josemaría


9:30     Get-together


Sunday, 22nd October


8.30    Guided prayer


9.00    Mass


9.45    Breakfast


11.00  The language to express differences of opinion in the workplace:  
           How can I "turn down the volume" on my behaviour to work more effectively
             with people who are different to me?
           Maita Crowe


1.15   Dinner





gregory brad


Prof. Brad S. Gregory

Brad S. Gregory is Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame and Director of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study. He specializes in the Reformation era and its long-term influence on the modern world. He has given invited lectures at many prestigious universities around the world. He has a Ph.D in history from Princeton University and two degrees in philosophy from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. His first book, Salvation at Stake: Christian Martyrdom in Early Modern Europe (Harvard, 1999) received six book awards. He was the recipient of two teaching awards at Stanford and has received three more at Notre Dame. His most recent book is entitled The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society (Belknap, 2012); it received two book awards.  


Maita Crowe1


Maita Crowe

Maita is Head of Distributor Development at Thomas International, De La Salle University, Dundee, UK. She has overall responsibility for the relationships with Thomas International's Global partners and works closely with them to develop and maximise the revenue potential in the International Market. 

Prior to this she worked for 7 years with Insights, a professional training and coaching company which provide people development programmes that help companies all over the world get the very best from their people at work. She is an executive with extensive worldwide business development experience. She is skilled in strategising, implementing, and leading key strategic projects, including global expansion and multi-regional accounts; and implementing operational efficiencies to maximize profitability.






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