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A wonderful place for activities and a great place to work!
Posted By: Chris Noonan
Most beneficial: the different ideas presented and the encouragement to think outside the box. People and business are rarely straightforward and the idea of building alliances based on very different aims was presented in a very attractive fashion.
Posted By: Jeffrey Egan, McGraw Hill Eduation, Dublin
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
The group dynamic worked really well, as did the time given to break out discussion and plenary sessions. The mix of professions and types of experience in managing people led to a much more frank, diverse and fruitful discussion on the issue then if we had all been from the same company. The facilitator’s ability to bring his own wealth of experience to the debate, while at the same time not ‘lecturing’ the group on what is right and wrong in any given situation, was refreshing and allowed the participants to look to their own experience and come up with possible solutions going forward. Getting the case studies prior to the seminar is a really good idea.
Posted By: Niamh Walsh, Dublin
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
The open discussion on what other participants have experienced and in particular the challenges around making the right decision.
Posted By: Peter Keogh, Managing Partner, Keogh Somers Charte
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
Taking time out with others to consider and reflect on the relevance and the currently held views of ethics in business relationships.
Posted By: Conor Hogan, Joint MD, Joseph C Hogan & Co, Quanti
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
Great facilities that enhanced the experience.
Posted By: John Byrne, Business Consultant, Dublin
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
The credentials of the speakers, and their capacity to relay real life experience to the subject matter at hand, promoted good debate and commentary which led to a very interactive experience on the day.
Posted By: Graham Burke, MD, Ethicspro, Galway
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
The case study used was very challenging as some of the issues raised had some similarity to issues I have had to deal with. I was very impressed with the two main speakers and how they got the audience to engage. As participants’ minds began to focus on the nuances of the case study, the clearer the appropriate ethical path emerged.
Posted By: Paul Bourke, Lecturer in IT Law, Dublin Institute
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
Delegate participation was arguably of most benefit to me. This, not to take away from our excellent facilitator, is where fellow ‘business people in the trenches’ shared and ‘thought out loud’ to the benefit of all. Excellent!
Posted By: Colm O’Brien, Founder & MD, Carambola Kidz – Schoo
Lismullin Leadership Seminar
Lismullin allows time to reflect. I think that is where it differs from other business seminars that I have attended, and for me that is the most beneficial aspect.
Posted By: John Donaghy, Operations Director, Axon Power & Co
Lismullin Leadership Seminar

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